Eparsonross.com is the website that houses diverse, unparalleled published writings that are available through E. Publishing, a unique and quickly growing publishing company. E. Publishing contains a library of literature featuring self-enhancement, adolescents’ literature and workshops, women’s interests, poetry, Christian literature, leadership instruments, generational financial management and inspirational materials.
Eparsonross.com is also the enterprise of Distinguished D.I.V.A.s – Daughters of Integrity, Virtue and Authority. This is a mentorship program for adolescent girls (11-18yrs). This ongoing course not only focuses on the physical aspect of maturity and womanhood, but it also provides learning tools for the spiritual, emotional, psychological, social, educational, and practical components of growth and development. Request more information on the Contact page.
E. Publishing will soon introduce other new authors with a variety of exceptional publications.
E. Publishing is not currently accepting applications for new authors, however information will be made available when the new author application period reopens.
E. Parson Ross is also the home of Life Changers, an adult women's mentorship group. Further information may be obtained by inquiring through the Contact Us page.
  E. Publishing is a reservoir of inspirational, educational, spiritual, informational,
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  "I am in awe of many writers, and this new author is at the top of the list. Her personal approach touches the heart and mind. This will definitely be the first of many publications inspired by the Holy Spirit and transcribed by E. Parson Ross."  
  - Elfreda W. Massie, Ph. D.