If I Should Die Before You Wake is a life skills guide for adolescents, designed to be included in middle school, high school, and church youth department curriculums. Although targeted to be used in a structured setting, it is the perfect resource for all adolescents to have in their personal libraries.

If I Should Die Before You Wake is a very user-friendly, practical guide that covers nearly every subject, activity and life-event that adolescents encounter, while providing them with practical tools for this transitional life-stage. The author writes the information from a first-hand perspective, compelling readers to engage in and elaborate on each topic.

The textbook is an easy-read, contemporary manual with subject matter flowing from topic to topic. The accompanying workbook has scriptural references for each discussion, along with chapter reviews and additional discussions. Topics include but are not limited to, self-esteem, sexuality, manners, leadership, core values, reputation, mental health, educational excellence, hating, honoring parents, suicide, diet and exercise, substance abuse, and character. Invest in the youth that are in your life with this life-changing manual.
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  "Churches have needed a book like this for a long time! Church Etiquette is a rare treasure, full of practical insights, Godly principles, wisdom, and spiritual truth. E. Parson Ross addresses critical issues faced every week in the church community. Her approach is sensible, balanced and well organized."  
  - Pastor Jeraldine Patterson